Heated Driveways, Sidewalks and Patios

In Colorado, it’s very common for driveways, walkways and patios to be installed with an underlying heated system to help prevent ice buildup and eliminate getting that snowblower and shovel out every time it snows. Landscape FX has installed numerous Warmly Yours heating systems for our clients providing peace of mind and benefiting their busy schedules. Every system we install is specifically designed for each unique and individual project taking into consideration multiple factors. We go over every single detail, what direction the project faces, how much sunlight it gets, what electrical panel changes are necessary and what volt system will be best suited to meet our client’s needs and guarantee years of worry free service. Our heated systems offer remote capabilities that can turn on your heated driveway or patio system from your cell phone or web browser. They can also be activated automatically via automatic sensors or, of course, manually.

Benefits of a Heated Driveway, Sidewalk or Patio System

With our Warmly Yours heated system, snow and ice melt immediately to prevent any accumulation. Be aware that if the surface is not graded correctly or if a system is installed improperly then your heated system will not function optimally. Landscape FX is nationally certified on hardscape installation with hundreds of thousands of square feet of heated hardscape driveway and patios installed. We ensure and guarantee a flawless, properly working system. After multiple winters, our clients frequently let us know that their system is performing beautifully, with no water or snow accumulation whatsoever.

How Does It Work?

Our Warmly Yours heating elements are laid out and installed in the bedding layer, directly below the pavers, concrete or asphalt. A heat and moisture sensor is installed either in the roof line or on the property in a discreet location, these automatically turn the heating cables on when there is precipitation and below-freezing temperatures. Our system can also be run manually or remotely as well.

Heating systems can be installed under the entire driveway …
… or just under the vehicle track areas.

Installing the Warmly Yours Heating System

In order to maximize the amount of heat transferred from the heating cables to the surface of the pavers, concrete or asphalt; the base separating the cable and pavers requires as much contact as possible. Crushed stone base transfers the most heat, but doesn’t drain as well as 3/8″ minus rock. Our experienced crew takes extreme care during the handling and installation of your heating system to protect the coating of our Warmly Yours system and ensure long-term durability and function of your system.

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