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Drainage and Flood Remediation: When water isn’t always a good thing!

Landscape FX is the premier “go to” drainage and flood remediation contractor in Colorado Springs, we are experts at drainage, waterproofing and stormwater solutions. Colorado weather is amazing but often leaves homeowners with flooded basements, window wells and crawl spaces. Landscape FX has proudly corrected thousands of drainage, grading and flooded projects for clients over the past two decades.

We reinstall and seal window wells, install sump pumps, pump vaults, catch basins, dry wells, channel drains, drainage swales, perimeter drains and french drains across the entire state of Colorado. Correcting negative grade around your home is critical in the process to eliminate water intrusion, we use transit and GIS surveying to shoot proper elevations, ensuring extremely precise results when we are correcting drainage problems.

Our clients never have to worry about a sleepless night or checking the weather relentlessly everyday after we’re finished protecting your home. Landscape FX goes above and beyond to make sure our customers rest assured, knowing with complete confidence and peace of mind that after we complete and correct all of their drainage issues, your water worries are over permanently.

For homeowners contacting us with flooded basements, window wells and crawlspaces, at Landscape FX we understand that you don’t want to go through the stressful process of refinishing your basement just to watch it happen again because water is still collecting against your foundation.

What Sets Us Apart?

This is where Landscape FX shines … we employ a step-by-step process to help you understand when and where there is need for correction. We will walk your project thoroughly with you and show you exactly where the issue is that needs correction. We will then put together and go over a master plan with you to eliminate all water intrusion from ever happening again. Often times, after we achieve positive drainage and flow away from your foundation, we install a waterproof rubber membrane. This is typically a minimum a 4 to 5 feet off the foundation wall topped with decorative rock to ensure placement and secure this protective barrier. This helps tremendously to divert any water coming from rainfall, nuisance neighbors yards or over-flowing gutters and directs the water to your newly installed drainage system.

Our process works so well, we’ve never had a single call back. We complete this in an attractive and functional manner that will compliment your existing landscape design. After all, our goal is to give you “the effect you expect”.

When Time is of the Essence!

We realize that the collateral damage from water issues can be substantial. We give all drainage or flooding issues immediate priority. Call Landscape FX at 719.439.3169 and have our professionals take over and handle all of your needs.

Available State-Wide!

As well as Colorado Springs; we serve Monument, Castle Rock, Larkspur, Denver, and surrounding areas across most of the State of Colorado. We are proud to be able to provide this necessary and urgent services across the Colorado Front Range. We are beyond thankful for all of our clients that have entrusted Landscape FX to provide them with the absolute best service and fastest turnaround time in the industry.

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