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Drainage and Flood Remediation: When water isn’t always a good thing!

Landscape FX is the premier “go to” drainage and flood remediation contractor in Colorado Springs for drainage and grading correction issues. Colorado weather is enjoyable but, often leaves homeowners with flooded basements, window wells and crawl spaces. Landscape FX has corrected numerous drainage, grading and flood projects for homeowners over the years. We have successfully remediated so many drainage and corrective grading issues that we are the premier drainage and negative grade correction company for multiple interior flood remediation companies. We reinstall and seal window wells, install sump pumps, French drains, repair and install perimeter drains, correct negative drainage issues so water doesn’t collect around your foundation and window wells. Landscape FX goes above and beyond to make sure our customers can sleep peacefully, knowing with complete confidence that after we complete and correct all drainage issues, all water flows away from their foundation. For our customers contacting us with flooded basements and window wells, at Landscape FX, we understand that you don’t want to go through the stressful process of refinishing your basement just to watch it happen again because water is still collecting against your foundation.

What Sets Us Apart?

This is where Landscape FX shines … we have a step by step process to help you understand when there is need for correction. We will walk the perimeter of your home with you and show you where you have negative drainage and where often times, window wells need to be resealed and over dug because the soil level is too high in the window wells. Then, after we get positive drainage and flow away from the foundation, we install a rubber membrane typically 4 to 5 feet off the foundation wall (top dressed with decorative rock) to divert any water coming from heavy rains or over-flowing gutters away from the foundation and toward your newly installed drainage swale. Our process has worked so well that we’ve never had a single call back … we complete this in an attractive matter that will compliment your landscape design, after all-our goal is to give you “the effect you expect”!

When Time is of the Essence!

We realize that the collateral damage from water issues can be substantial. We give any drainage or flooding issues immediate priority! Call Landscape FX 24/7/365 at (719)439-3169!

Available State-Wide!

As well as Colorado Springs; we serve Castle Rock, all of the Denver area and Pueblo and, for drainage correction, are proud to be able to provide this service across the state. We are thankful for entrusting Landscape FX to provide our customers with the absolute best service and fastest turn around time in the industry.

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