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Outdoor Kitchens: Designing outdoor kitchen structures!

One of the benefits of living in Colorado Springs is the number of days of nice weather we get here. And, one of the ways we can take advantage of our great weather is with an outdoor kitchen and entertainment area. Today, cooking on your patio is far more than just using a barbeque. There are limitless outdoor kitchen structures and designs you can pick from or create to fit any backyard space. Sinks, pizza ovens, even refrigerators are commonly used in outdoor kitchens. With all the options available, designing outdoor kitchen structures can be done extravagantly or simply as you like.

Types of Outdoor Kitchen Designs

A simple counter with a built in grill and side burner may be all you desire. Or, maybe a full-service U-shaped kitchen with an island complete with a bar for your chef and mixologist is what you are looking for. Whatever type your outdoor kitchen designs and ideas are composed of, you can create an outdoor space perfect for cooking and entertaining.

And, don’t forget all the creature comforts available to you when creating your outdoor kitchen. Custom lighting, drawers for storing your outdoor cookware, a ceiling fan for that open air ceiling designed kitchen, heater trees and even built in misting systems to keep you cool on those extra hot days. You can even enhance your outdoor cooking experience with weatherproof speakers you can plug your iPod or smartphone into so you can enjoy great music while cooking on the patio.

Unlike the kitchen that came with your house, when you decide to build an outdoor kitchen, you have the opportunity to design it and customize it any way you’d like. You can add those little conveniences and personalized touches you’ve always wanted in a kitchen. Outdoor kitchens aren’t just limited to angular looks, like the way your indoor kitchen laid out. If you have a small or unique space, you can adapt to it with a little creativity. For example, you can create curved countertops that hold your built in grill or cooking elements and sink, instead of being limited to the typical straight or ninety-degree angled countertops. Or you can define the outdoor living space for your new kitchen area under a pergola or behind a paved wall.

Professional Outdoor Kitchen Installation and Design

Our landscape designers can create professional outdoor kitchen plans, layouts and visualizations the most discerning cook would love. Our professional installation will ensure your kitchen not only functions well, but is up to code safety standards. The options available to you for creating your perfect and customized outdoor kitchen are endless. If you are ready to take advantage of our great weather, and want an outdoor cooking and entertaining space in the Colorado Springs area, call Landscape FX today for a quote and let up help you design your perfect backyard space.

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