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The priority of our team at Landscape FX is to be your go-to landscape contractor and to turn your dream landscaping into a reality. We understand the value of being able to visualize the outcome during the planning process. Due to this, Landscaping FX utilizes one of the best design programs on the market so your project seems almost as real on paper as it will in person. During this process we can introduce the overall design flow, including placement of plants, trees and other materials. We guarantee The Effect You Expect!

The end result of your new outdoor environment will be dictated by the skill and commitment of your landscape designer. Let our resident Landscape Designer demonstrate how good design can be the difference between adequate and extraordinary!

The Landscape FX Team

At Landscape FX our team is your go-to landscape contractor in Colorado Springs and Castle Rock. Whether a private residence or an established commercial property, we have the experience, knowledge and desire to transform your landscape design and implement your ideas in a seamless way to make your vision a reality.

We understand the value of being able to visualize the outcome during the planning process and how putting that on paper can make it real. Further, we know how to take those plans and designs in motion and create a tangible environment you’ll be proud of. It is this design and installation process Landscape FX is excited about. But first a little about what landscape design and architecture is and why you need a professional to blend art, nature, and culture into an aesthetically pleasing and functional world.

Our Landscape Design Process

Landscape design is the process by which we bridge the gap between landscape architecture and garden design. And, landscape architecture is the technical process that brings multiple outdoor features and factors together into a functional environment through the use of detailed construction documents.

While not all projects demand the services of a landscape design firm, many projects can benefit from professional services for a host of reasons:

  • Timeliness: Having the time to create your dream landscape can be more taxing than planned without the proper resources, tools, and expertise resulting in delayed finished time or even an incomplete project.
  • Complexity: Projects that include pools, water features, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, and multiple patios require specific skill sets unique to landscape designers.
  • Home Owners Associations: Often homes within a homeowners association require an official landscape plan that meets the HOA’s standards.
  • Personalization: Every homeowner and commercial property owner wants a specific landscape design that matches their lifestyle or sets them apart from the next building.
  • Specific Design Style: From xeriscaping to a Tuscan garden design, there are a number of different styles that can mimic other cultures, environments, and locations.

It is all these factors and more we take into consideration when preparing and executing a landscape design and architectural plan. We are passionate about the entire process that takes us from conception through design and build, and onto completion of your unique project.

Professional Landscape Designers

Another benefit of using a professional is capabilities and resources. To design and build a professionally looking landscape requires the right tools. At Landscape FX we design and build all of our residential and commercial projects employing state-of-the-art landscape design and architecture software and task specific equipment. Using the right tools and equipment to do the job professionally can be expensive and may also require special training. Understanding the project life-cycle of landscape design, we are well-versed in all the ins and outs of the science of plant life and the artful ways used to create beautiful landscape worlds.

Not only do we take the art and science seriously, we incorporate safety and functionality into all of our designs. Nature looks the way it does because it is the most efficient way to function. Natural grades and slopes must blend in with homes and buildings. When this is overlooked the result can be flooding and structural damage. That’s why factors such as irrigation pathways and foundation location are important to understand and figure out. The melding of nature with human habitation can be a delicate balance. And, with all of our projects, we design to conserve the natural landscape as much as possible.

Custom Tailored Design

Landscape FX also wants you to be involved with your landscape project. Not only do we bring your ideas to fruition, we’ll explain why certain design factors are necessary throughout the process. For example, the need to put a retaining wall where a flower bed was envisioned might be due to flood mitigation. We will show you how and where your landscape features will not only look the best, but will function the best – and that goes with helping you find the best plants and trees to fit your personal style and design desires.

At the end of the day, the result of your new outdoor environment is dictated by the skill, aesthetic, functional prowess, and the commitment of your landscape designer. Let our resident Landscape Design Team right here in Colorado Springs demonstrate how design can be the difference between adequate and extraordinary!

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