Erosion Control: Protect the environment closest to you!

We offer around the clock street sweeping and erosion control for our clients that have to meet strict EPA standards and laws. We can turn your job site around to a neat, clean project with immaculate streets, straw swaddles, grade work and erosion blanket overnight if necessary.

What is erosion control? In short, it is the practice of preventing and mitigating the effects of nature’s elements, such as wind and water, on the landscape. Agricultural areas, residential and business structures, coastal regions, river banks, and construction sites are all vulnerable to erosion. You’ve driven by site that was washed out with dirt and debris strewn across the road. That’s one example of erosion. Small rivers snaking through your gardens, called rivulets, during a storm is another example. Heavy rainfalls and flooding cause erosion, as does wind, fire, and extreme weather. And, erosion can destroy or wipe out your property’s surrounding landscape over time, or in just one intense period of rain if not considered in landscape beforehand.

There are many methods by which erosion is controlled. Retaining walls; special blankets and grass mats; residue covers; gabion baskets; erosion control plants; landscape drainage and washes. The region’s soil type also plays a part in determining the best method by which to control erosion. The threat of erosion is greatest in spots close to natural or man-made slopes or hills, such as the back and sides of homes or office buildings.

Landscape FX is an expert in erosion control. For those clients that have to meet strict EPA guidelines we not only design and implement erosion solutions, we are available around the clock to clean job sites impacted by runoff the result of natural or man-made erosion catalysts. Often a construction site is vulnerable in the build phase as the surrounding property’s land is “raw” and not yet landscaped. It’s not uncommon for washouts to result due inclement weather which not only can impeded construction lifecycles, but result in fines if proper drainage solutions are not in place during the build phase and before landscaping has been completed. In addition to washing out the ground or facing a sand or dirt drift at your job site after a storm, erosion can make the ground unsafe to work on. A ladder that sinks in the soil can result in injury delaying completion or even resulting in a lawsuit due to unsafe work conditions.

Properly designed landscapes and outdoor drains are common methods by which to protect your grounds from disturbance, unplanned feature manipulation, or completely washing away. There are even specific plants that help mitigate and even prevent erosion. Retaining walls are also used to prevent mud buildups and rivulets from marking up your yard or surrounding property. Walls can serve as a water regulator and direct flowing water to designed drainage paths or French drains properly directing water throughout your landscape and maintaining the integrity of your property.

Landscape FX is a full-service firm dedicated to not only creating beautiful, interactive, and environmentally sound areas around your property, but we are available to make sure those areas remain intact. Should you be faced with an erosion emergency, we can be there to help remedy the problem around the clock. Give us a call today and learn how we can help prevent and control erosion on your property.

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