Concrete versus interlocking pavers: Which is better?

Doctor FX is frequently asked for his opinion on concrete (stamped or not) versus interlocking pavers. Since Landscaped FX has installed many projects using both materials in the Colorado Springs area, I feel well qualified to offer my comparisons.

Knowing the difference between interlocking pavers versus concrete can help you decide which will be the better value for your home. Every homeowner has different needs, so it’s important to make the right decision for you! There are certain aspects to consider when comparing interlocking pavers versus concrete. Let’s look at the pros and cons of both options.


When it comes to choosing your paving material, concrete may be one of your options. Concrete is versatile because it can be poured easily the way it is, or if you prefer a more stylish look, it can be stamped. Concrete is very popular because it can be easy to install. It is also very versatile as a material, historically used for the construction of buildings, bridges, and pavement around the house. Unfortunately, with poured concrete, your concrete patio/driveway will not last nearly long as pavers.

Strength and Durability of Concrete

While concrete looks good after it is first poured, it will probably result in more fussing in the future, such as cracks and stains that cannot be easily fixed. While concrete has many features, such as it’s eco-friendly low carbon emissions and fire-resistant qualities, concrete is not very strong, there is no guarantee, the guarantee is that it will inevitably crack! Not only does it crack just due to natural causes, it is more susceptible to cracking with heavy and frequent traffic crossing over it. It may be cheaper or easier to install yourself, but the results will only last so long.

Maintenance and Repairs with Concrete

When it comes to maintenance and repairs, concrete can be more of a headache than pavers. An important aspect to consider when debating between interlocking pavers versus concrete is the fact that concrete oil and other stains cannot be easily removed. Usually when concrete gets stained, the entire area of concrete will need to be re-poured. If your concrete gets stained, the area with the stain cannot simply be removed and then replaced with new concrete. It will look even worse than when it just had a stain. This is different from pavers where individual areas can be replaced.

Interlocking Pavers

With interlocking pavers, you will ultimately see longer lasting results with far less issues as time goes on. We can break down the features of interlocking pavers into strength and maintenance repairs.

Strength and Durability of Pavers

Expect the most strength and greater increase in home value when considering interlocking pavers. They are approximately four times stronger than poured concrete meaning that they do not crack like concrete sometimes does. Additionally, they do not get as easily worn down and make a great material for a driveway. Unlike concrete, pavers come in different thicknesses, so if you want to lay a driveway, thicker (typically 80mm) pavers ensures durability.

Maintenance and Repairs of Pavers

Because they are so strong, pavers very rarely crack. However, in a rare instance that one stone does crack, it can easily be swapped out for a replacement stone (mortar is not used to place the stones). This feature of interlocking pavers makes repairs much easier than they would be with concrete. If concrete develops a crack, virtually the entire area of poured concrete needs to be replaced. Whatever may be the problem with an area of paving stones, the problem is usually able to be quickly resolved with ease.

Cost of Interlocking Pavers Versus Concrete

Cost will differ depending on a variety on conditions. The pre-existing state and ease of accessing of the area you want to install pavers on will affect the total labor expense. Other factors will include the style of the pavers and the square footage of the project. One important thing to consider when debating between concrete and pavers is that paving stones will drastically increase the value of your home, while concrete adds lesser value.

Remember, we’ve created many stunning projects using both concrete and pavers. Whichever dirrection you lean, Landscape FX can provide you with these best in materials and workmanship!

Whatever your outdoor environment project, give us a call. Please read some of our reviews and see what people just like you are saying about Landscape FX … Colorado Springs’ premier landscaping contractor!

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