Water Features: Taking your landscaping to a whole new level!

Patents come into Doctor FX’s Colorado Springs Landscaping Office every day with a similar question … “What can I add to my backyard environment that will be truly spectacular?” That answer is easy one … a unique water feature designed to compliment our Rocky Mountains foothills setting.

Landscape FX has created many of the most outstanding water features, waterfalls, streams and ponds in the Colorado Springs area. If you’re looking for a jaw dropping water feature for your home, Landscape FX will turn your backyard space into an outdoor oasis that is sure to impress! They love designing and building custom ponds, water features, waterfalls and streams tailored to each client’s space and topography. This sought after landscaping feature is sure to add value to their home. Their natural water features are praised by clients and quickly become the focal point of their yards. They enjoy warm days outside with their family and friends listening to the sound of tranquil water cascading over each fall and through each stream bend.

There aren’t too many better feelings than coming home from a stressful day at work and escaping to your own backyard water feature where the stresses of your day absolutely dissipate. One of today’s hottest landscape trends are water features … ponds, streams and waterfalls … custom built into your landscaping. The soothing sound of a gently meandering stream, cascading over boulders into a pond or pond-less space is unparalleled.

Landscape FX meets with every client to discuss and truly customize their water feature combining ideas to create a unique water feature that is different from all the others they’ve ever built, making it exclusive to your home and incorporating your ideas. Whatever your dream is, Landscape FX can surpass it with the most impressive water features in Colorado Springs!

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