Landscaping: Do you know its true value?


You have all been to the Doctor’s Office, checked in with the receptionist, then taken a seat and waited for your appointment. When patients come to see Doctor FX, they are given a first hand experience of what I prescribe for all my customers. We don’t just have a few hard chairs lined around the room with nothing to read and a boring clock on the wall to look at as the minutes seem to drag by. When you come to my office, you hear soothing background music, and there are real flowers and plants in the office, as well as a warm color palette. The lighting is not harsh and you can recline in your comfortable chair and flip through magazines specially picked to give you landscape ideas. Whether you flip through “Colorado Homes and Lifestyles Magazine,” “Sunset Garden Landscaping and Design Ideas,” or “Colorado Landscape Architecture Magazine,” you are getting ideas that can improve your home and your lifestyle. A big part of Rocky Mountain living is treating yourself right by making certain your home is a pleasant and relaxing place to spend time. Work is something we all have to do to pay the bills, but when we get home we want to sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labors. When my patients get tired of living in a their home with a yard in distress, Landscape FX can help! There are, as I tell my patients, a number of good reasons to upgrade the exterior of their home or business. These include:

  • Landscaping can bring you a greater return on investment than other kinds of home improvement projects – yes, even bathrooms and kitchens. A good rule of thumb is to invest 10-20% of the total value of your home into outside improvements and you won’t be disappointed (average return on investment has been stated to be 150%-200%! A well thought out custom landscape design plan by Landscape FX will easily bring you a higher sales price when you move and also make your time in your home like a mini vacation retreat! “Curb appeal” is a term we often hear when telling other people about homes we have seen that we like or businesses we want to go back too. Instead of a plain, generic or even non existing landscape at your home or business, why not consider a new wall made with attractive stone materials that are not only tough and long lasting but aesthetically pleasing as well. Why not have trees, flower beds, retaining walls to provide depth and dimension, boulders and sod with a high efficient irrigation system that make people want to visit your home or come inside your place of business? Why not have a front yard that has new life brought to it? Why is half of your front yard washing down into the street after each afternoon rain storm?
  • Good Colorado Springs landscapers know that Real Estate Appraisers factor in attractive landscaping when computing the value of your home. It is virtually impossible not to appreciate and give consideration to a beautiful yard when you are measuring square footage and trying to determine what a house might be worth on the current market. A home with a beautiful yard will appraise 9 times out of 10 MUCH higher than comparable home on your block that don’t have similar improvements. The outside of a home is what is seen first by the public and a dowdy outside often stops people from even wanting to step inside the home. It is also documented by the American Nursery and Landscape Association that landscaped homes sell anywhere from five to six weeks quicker than those who lack curb appeal.
  • Properly designed landscapes can improve your heating and cooling costs. Whether it is hot summers, cold winters, blustering wind, snow or rain that moves into Colorado Springs through the course of a year; plants, trees, retaining walls, pergolas, outdoor fountains, streams or ponds can all help keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Water and the cost of electricity are big expenses for Colorado Springs homeowners and a well thought out landscape design by Landscape FX can help you conserve energy, use more of your property and create a beautiful outdoor living area for you and your family. Ask Landscape FX about their high efficient water reducing sprinkler systems that they use exclusively on EVERY project to irrigate your yard efficiently at a lower cost.
  • Landscaping your home or business makes it a better place to live or work. Landscaping cuts down on dust, pollen and pollutants that are a fact of life in urban Colorado Springs. Landscaping contains water runoff, protects your soil and keeps water out of your basements or footings. Putting some money into your front and back yards makes your home a safe place for your family to spend time together and invite family and friends over for an outdoor barbecue. A retaining wall can often help make the adjacent property owner a less visible neighbor and trees and walls both help cut the noise of traffic. You might live in a city but you don’t always have to hear it!

These are a few of the reasons that I recommend my patients call Landscape FX and discuss how to make the outside of their home fit their goals, their pocketbook and their real needs.


Your house occupies a small part of your property. Taking the time to landscape your home or business brings benefits you can enjoy for years. Keeping people out of my office is what my job is all about. In Colorado Springs, Landscape FX wants to get you out of your house and into your yard! There are all kinds of reasons to improve your “curb appeal” and it only takes a phone call to get the ball rolling. Read some of our reviews and see what people just like you are saying about Landscape FX … Colorado Springs’ premier landscaping contractor!

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