Fountains: The perfect tonic for your home, garden and soul!


Patents come into Doctor FX’s Colorado Springs Landscaping Office every day with questions and complaints. They sit in my office waiting for their appointments and look tired, stressed, sometimes a little down or a little angry. They slump in the chairs, flip through Sport’s Illustrated, Rolling Stone and The Wall Street Journal. They try to catch a little sleep or find their smart phones and use Mr. Google ’til they are Google-eyed. When they come into my examining room and ask me what they can do to feel better, I have the same answer.

“Give Landscape FX a call and let them design and install a fountain for your home. Then take the time to treat yourself and spend time listening to the cascading water in the privacy of your own home. You don’t have to drive miles to a Colorado River, pay fees or wait in line on the freeway. You walk into your specially designed “retreat” in your own quiet backyard or courtyard, sit in a comfortable chair, have a refreshing beverage and some snacks, read a book, close your eyes and hum the American National Anthem!” And don’t forget the surrounding lighting for a truly spectacular nighttime effect!

Fountains are a “water feature” that have been around forever. One of the earliest known fountains was built and enjoyed in Mesopotamia around 3000 B.C. It was a series of basins that caught water from a natural stream. Greek and Roman civilizations are famous for their fountains and Rome has the distinction of having the most fountains in the world. Doctor FX knows of no city of any size in this country that doesn’t have at least one public fountain. In fact, Kansas City is known as “The City of Fountains” and has over 200 of them. Why? They’re fun, mesmerizing, relaxing … people like them!

Some of the most brilliant and famous fountains in the world are:

  • Fountain of Wealth in Singapore
  • Fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas
  • Trevi Fountain in Rome
  • Stravinsky Fountain in Paris

While these fountains are public and huge, you don’t have to go big to have all the advantages a fountain can being to your home and your routine.


My prescription for my nature loving home owners who need and deserve more relaxing time is to begin the landscaping transformation of your home with a fountain. You can start with an inexpensive fountain and later add a waterfall, a stream or a pond. There is a fountain that fits you, your property and your entertaining style. Whether the fountain is tiered, disappearing, Japanese, wall mounted or self-contained; they all bring the sound of water to tired ears. Fountains attract birds and wildlife and are historically known in Japan for their ability to “cleanse your soul and your body.” For those who are more practical, you can pitch pennies into your own fountain and make wishes that the Denver Broncos win another Super Bowl.

Landscaping adds vitality and beauty to your property. Your home should be a castle where you and your family can relax and enjoy the fruits of your busy lives. Landscape FX has designed and built numerous fountains in Colorado Springs as well as ponds, streams and waterfalls. We can include a near by pergola where you sit around the fountain with friends out of any occasional sun, rain or wind. We can lay beautiful stone walkways and paths to and from the fountain and create, with retaining walls, secluded areas where you can walk to your fountain and leave civilization behind. If you like outdoor cooking and entertaining, a fountain with a nearby outdoor kitchen, fireplace or fire-pit is just what the doctor (Doctor FX in this case) ordered.

Sound good but unaffordable? Doctor FX suggests you call us at 719.439.3169 and inquire about “Colorfalls” … a hybrid LED lighted fountain/waterfall. They’re inexpensive, self-contained, recirculating units that require no pond or stream below their glimmering lighted cascading waters. Available in LED light colors of your choice (or even color-changing versions), they can be installed as linked units to create a spectacular water feature in any length you desire!

Landscape FX’s Colorfalls are designed to provide years of trouble-free use with a removable back plate that allows easy access for cleaning, instant winterizing in place and fast and simple light replacement. Multiple plumbing options, on both sides and the back, make Colorfalls as easy to install as they are versatile!

Doctor FX is sure you’ll love your new backyard fountain. When I wrap up a day seeing patients and hearing about their aches and pains, I often go home and rejuvenate by sipping a glass of wine next to my own Landscape FX fountain.

A doctor who can’t follow his own prescriptions is not a good doctor!

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