Pavers: A Comprehensive Guide to Custom Pavers

Doctor FX gets as many questions on pavers as any other topic. Here are some of the answers. I love these questions as custom pavers are the perfect hardscape to compliment our Rocky Mountains foothills setting. Are you wanting to redo your patio, driveway, walkways or backyard? Keep reading for everything you need to know about custom pavers today.

Did you know the right hardscape choices can increase the resale value of your home? A new patio pays back 100% in resale value and is one of the most enjoyed homeowner upgrades. That’s right, something for you to enjoy now and still make your money back at resale.

Patios are a great way to add valued outdoor living space at a modest cost. The choices for materials is virtually endless. Getting that perfect outdoor living space may feel overwhelming, but options for creating a stunning focal point with hardscaping is one of the most affordable, effective methods.

Keep reading for everything you need to know about custom pavers today!

Why Patio Pavers for a Patio?

You have many choices for hardscaping materials. Concrete, gravel, composite deck and wood all have adherents. Pavers are a popular choice for backyard patios because of their ease of use and versatility. Unlike concrete, patio pavers are ready for use as soon as the project is complete. Pavers allow for design flexibility and can be used on any size patio.

They can be manufactured from concrete, brick, or stone. They come in a variety of patterns, colors, shapes, and styles to suit even the most creative whims. Patio pavers can be very formal and modern looking or imitate a rambling cottage path. Just change the arrangement of the stone pattern to suit.

Interlocking pavers form a surface for immediate use in almost no time. They can be used to define planting beds, pathways or even with integrated furniture, water features, and fire pits. Pavers can be installed as driveways, walkways, and patios. A paver walkway can be gently curved to welcome visitors to your yard or favorite flower garden.

They can be any width or shape desired and ready to walk on quickly. Depending on the pavers you select, you can have the look of natural stone, brick or stamped concrete.

So Many Choices: How to Choose the Right One

Choose patio pavers with their use in mind. For example, will you be parking a vehicle on them occasionally? Do you need a non-slip surface surrounding a hot tub or swimming pool? Do you need something heat resistant for a fire pit? Do you need to consider stormwater drainage?

Thicker pavers are meant for heavier loads and won’t crush under occasional vehicle use. Thinner patio pavers should be reserved for garden seating and light use. Nonslip textures and heat resistant pavers are also available. In drought areas, you may want permeable pavers to allow water to drain off into the ground.

Consider your style. Are you looking for natural-looking tumbled edges or sleeker straight-edged pavers? Straight-edged styles tend to look more modern. The pattern the pavers are laid in has a lot to do with their appearance. A timeless running bond pattern in straight-edged white pavers looks futuristic. The same pattern in tumbled stone looks like it came straight from ancient Rome. Install the pattern at an angle for a different look.

Finally, consider the cost. Pavers are an economical choice, but costs vary according to the site access and preparation. The price also depends on the quality and availability of the pavers and the type of installation needed.

Designing and Installing Your Pavers

Your first step in creating your new outdoor space is to visualize the area. Measure out your new patio, drive or walkway carefully. Landscape FX can help you with design ideas, suitable materials and apply our expertise to your new paver area. Pavers can be installed with straight or curved borders. The right pattern makes it easy.

Landscape FX will stake or chalk your design into the selected area. It’s always best to spend a day or two with the idea. Walk around it, put your patio furniture into it, and check out the way the sun strikes it. If you are happy, it’s on the next step.

Landscape FX will place stakes and mason line around the perimeter. We’ll excavate the area to accommodate at least five inches of paver base and an inch of paver sand. Your area may require more. We’re always careful to call the underground utility line to make sure there is nothing to work around.

Your patio foundation is the most important part of your project. Landscape FX will watch out for stumps, roots or other organic matter in your foundation. As it decomposes, the area will sink and make your patio heave or buckle. We’ll be sure this doesn’t happen!

We’ll also make sure you have no worries about slope and stability. We’ll carefully level and compact your paver area and place the paver base. We’ll then rake, compact and water to create a firm base. From there we’ll level, compact and repeat until your underlying stability is assured.

Then we will follow up with your paving sand and level the sand with a wooden float. Being careful to not step on the leveled area, we’ll start placing your paver stones.

You can be sure we will not drag paver stones over the newly raked and leveled area and will fit each one individually in the desired pattern. Were required, Landscape FX will use permeable paver stone designs with a beaded edge to allow for water flow.

The final step on your paver area is the edging. Edging stones, curbing or flexible edging holds it all in place and keeps the patio pavers from shifting. We’ll sweep paving sand to fill in any gaps. We’ll then place your furniture and other items so your new paver patio or area is ready to use and enjoy!

Call Landscape FX For Assistance and Advice

Luxury outdoor living spaces are one of the hottest trends in homes today. A custom designed patio with a professional finish adds value and appeal to your home for resale.

You can enjoy your sweeping drive, outdoor living room, custom kitchen or outdoor bar now and be confident that you’ll recover the investment if you sell later.

For more great ideas for your outdoor spaces, keep reading or contact Landscape FX today!

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