Water Features: Eight Reasons You Need Water Features in Your Landscaping

Read Doctor FX’s top eight reasons why you need to add one or more unique water features in your landscaping plans right now.

1) Creating a Pond Adds Vibrant Life to Your Outdoor Space

One water feature design to consider for your backyard is a pond. Work closely with a professional landscaper, like Landscape FX, to envision the perfect pond to host some small fish and interesting plant life too.

You should invest in a high-quality pond that has a built-in cleaning system to make maintenance a breeze. You need to research what type of fish you want to swim in your pond, as there are so many options to liven up your backyard with some vibrant koi fish, oriental carp or other choices.

Landscape FX can advise here. Most fish specifically require good filtration and aeration. In the winter time, you will need to add a floating heater to keep them nice and warm.

To create a beautiful water feature with koi or other fish you can also add some greenery. Place small aquatic plants within the pond you build to promote the development of pretty water-based flowering plant colors.

You need to care for your fish like you would treat any other pet you own. Ensure that they have a good life by feeding them on a regular basis to keep them thriving for years to come.

If you have small children, it will be neat for them to learn how to take care of their backyard fish as they grow up in your home.

2. Install a Waterfall For Serenity

Another idea for an attention generating water features in your backyard might include elegant waterfalls. Waterfalls are potential tranquil and peaceful additions to consider for both the inside and outside of your home.

There are a few approaches to installing a waterfall in your outdoor environment. You can find one that has already been crafted at the store for simple installation that anyone can handle.

All you need to find is an outlet to plug in your waterfall feature. If you are looking to stick your waterfall feature in the middle of your garden, for example, you can find a battery operated version.

Better, of course, is an elegant permanent professionally designed waterfall which Landscape FX’s professional designers can collaborate with you on. Including this as an integrated part of a larger landscape design can truly bring peace and relaxation to the spring, summer and fall outdoors where you can spend your day curling up on your chaise lounge with a good book. The trickling water you hear as you walk outside with friends and family will definitely ease your mind.

The typical elevation changes found in Denver and Colorado Springs backyards provide excellent design opportunities for streams and waterfalls. Don’t conclude your outdoor living space is complete without considering a this type of water features!

3. Water Features are Design Pieces

When updating your home, don’t forget about the outdoors. Especially if you love to spend hours in your backyard with friends and family, consider water features to bring modern design elements to your favorite place.

Landscape FX designers love to add natural objects to gardens and patios alike. There are so many materials you can use to create the ideal water features to complement the decor of your home.

From natural stones to quarried alternatives like granite of sandstone, you can choose whatever material you love to add to your backyard environment. Matching the vibes of your home is easy when you work with a professional designer from Landscape FX to create these design elements in a flash.

4. Allow the Water Feature To Be a Focal Point

Are you interested in capturing the attention of friends, family and other visitors? When you install a beautiful water feature outside, you are turning your space into a place everyone will want to return to. Of course, the flowers and pathways you choose will make an impact on the look and feel of your backyard, but nothing compares to the tranquility of a gently flowing water feature to really set the mood.

For all of your backyard barbecues, you will also rely on the flicker of simple water features to add something mystic to your garden. Your guests will enjoy walking and sitting by these features as you whip up a delicious meal for all to eat!

5. Features With Water Provide Personal Touches

Choose the right water features to bring out the personality of you are your family. Your home should be a reflection of who you are and you can inject this personality with the beautiful water elements you buy.

You can find a way to add some personal touches to your backyard design once you install the perfect waterfall or create a pond with your favorite fish.

6. Features With Water Draw in Nature

If you want to give the birds flying in your neighborhood a reason to stop by your house, just install a bird bath. A birdbath fountain will be helpful during the summertime when birds are looking for a place to drink and splash around.

It’s also a good tip to add some bird feed along the edges of your fountain to encourage the birds to come back for more. The birds will appreciate your birdbath element as they also need water to thrive in the world. Love to bird watch? Keep your camera around to capture these birds as they dip in and out of your bird bath foundation day after day.

Deer, squirrels and other indigenous Colorado wildlife will also appreciate and use this water source.

7. Reduce Stress With a Water Feature

Do you have a difficult job? Once you arrive back home, is the first thing you want to do is chill out? Relaxing in your own backyard for some alone time can be beneficial for your health. Let Landscape FX help you find a place to spend your afternoon forgetting about the stress of your day job. There is a connection you feel listening to the water flowing outdoors.

8. Boost Property Value

When it comes time to sell your home, having a beautiful backyard filled with flowers and a peaceful waterfall will draw more crowds. You can use this to your advantage and promote a sense of tranquility that makes your home different than the rest. Fountains are a good investment because home buyers are pleasantly surprised by these additions.

Want to Design the backyard landscape of your dreams? Our team at Landscape FX in both our Denver and Colorado Springs locations are dedicated to offering the highest attention to detail when it comes to all of our clients. We promise to deliver custom-tailored projects with an experience you will enjoy along the way.

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