Ponds: A little piece of nature in your back yard!

If you go to the “Services” menu (above on this website), you become aware of the many things you can do to make your Colorado Springs residential or business properties more attractive and enjoyable to use not only in our temperate summer season but all year round. Colorado is an outdoors state and is world famous for its mountains, streams, sunsets and weather. People move to Colorado Springs to be closer to nature and Landscape FX helps turn your surrounding outdoor environment home into a warm, inviting place that friends and family want to be.


Why? In addition to pergolas, multi-level gardens and planting areas, artistic sidewalks and pathways, outdoor kitchens (that any celebrity chef would die for), beautiful stone fireplaces and fire-pits that keep you warm even when snow is falling, there are one of Doctor FX’s favorites … “water features”. An expertly designed water feature can bring a special magic to your outdoor environment that few other additions can by turning your yard into a place where nature is part of your life!

Here are a few backyard water features you might consider when you want to turn your yard into a truly special place:

  • A waterfall bringing the sounds and excitement of a gushing mountain stream into your home. Doctor FX finds the rushing tumbling water and sunlight reflecting off the surrounding rock formations to be a constant joy!
  • Your private recirculating stream which can be designed to meander through your yard and create a total “mountain environment” that puts nature at your fingertips as you stand above it all on onto your patio or deck!
  • A ponds providing a centerpiece for you and your family to observe and enjoy nature together throughout the entire year. Fish are optional but highly recommended by Doctor FX (a few frogs are good too)!
  • A fountain … from formal to rustic which can provide an unmatched focal point on your patio or outdoor dining area!

Remember Walden Pond? Philosopher Henry David Thoreau found it so enchanting he sat on the edge contemplating its natural beauty for two years! Ponds are a special favorite of Doctor FX’s too. They’re a water feature that can truly transform your yard into something special. They can be small or large and bring with them native plants and rocks, fish, waterfalls and surrounding natural rock, cement or paver pathways. The surrounding plants and trees cap off your own slice of nature. Landscape FX can suggest the best plants, shrubs and trees to compliment your private piece of nature. And don’t forget the most important finishing touch … your pond can be illuminated with surrounding and even underwater lighting for an unmatched nighttime dramatic effect.

An important note … Landscape FX will design and outfit your pond with liners, water level sensors, recirculating pumps and other equipment that makes it very low maintenance. While there are no “no maintenance” ponds, technology improvements have reduced pond maintenance efforts and operating costs in recent years.

Doctor FX wants to remind you that there are local codes about ponds and pond safety. Using a qualified landscape company is highly recommended to avoid missteps in this crucial area. Some of the items to discuss when considering your pool include:

  • Where to place it so it captures runoff water instead of creating runoff water.
  • Where your utilities are buried so you don’t interfere with access to them.
  • What types of trees and plants you have on your property that might help or hurt the aesthetics and operation of your pond.
  • Whether you need different or higher fencing for safety or security reasons.
  • How you are going to circulate the water and minimize water lose.
  • What types of fish, stones, plants and lighting will impress your friends and family and optimize your enjoyment.

Landscape FX has created a number of “pondscapes” in and around Colorado Springs. We can employ special construction techniques to build you a “pondless pond” that is shallower than normal ponds, doesn’t require fencing and has lower operating costs … all without sacrificing the aesthetics you expect!

Ponds, done right, can totally transform an average yard into a true showpiece. They are particularly suited to people who love the outdoors, like to garden and be outdoors in nature, enjoy entertaining guests in an outdoor setting. Imagine relaxing adjacent to your new water feature as the steaks are grilling and you’re sipping a glass of your favorite wine!


As Doctor FX is fond of saying, “You don’t want to be so busy you don’t stop to smell the roses.” A Landscape FX pond will transform your yard and create a place where you can smell the roses (or water lilies) and tap into the spirit of nature around you!

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