Pavers: Artistic surfaces at a far lower cost than you’d imagine!

Funny_Doctor_41_pavers_2The ancient Romans were one of the biggest property owners in the Old World. One of the first projects they embarked upon was making roads throughout their empire so they could move quickly and efficiently from one part of their enormous domain to the others. Their second project was building aqueducts, fountains, public baths and other water features so they could relax, enjoy nature, keep their homes and businesses from flooding and make their villas more livable. Doctor FX thinks it’s worth pointing out that contemporary homeowners in Colorado Springs have an easy way to showcase their home and bring back Old World charm into their surrounding environment.

Landscape FX creates beautiful walkways, paths, patios and driveways you’ll enjoy and be proud to show off. They also build stunning water features that would have made Caesar proud. There are numerous reasons to call Landscape FX and get a checkup on your yard … front and back:

  • Maybe your driveway is cracked or you can’t get that ugly oil stain off the concrete.
  • Maybe your front entry is looking a little dated and you want to create a new warm look for visitors using natural looking materials that match or complement your home’s exterior.
  • Maybe a walkway around the side of your house is too narrow and you can’t easily carry items from the front to the back.
  • Maybe sidewalks on your property are below grade, continually get flooded and collect dirt and debris.
  • Maybe you want to create a stunning back patio where you can open up your home to outdoor parties and family gatherings, a place where you can sit back in your comfortable chair and enjoy your home, outside as well as in.
  • Maybe you want to use your yard more efficiently and create a spectacular fountain, stream or pond accented by white or colored landscape lighting.

However you’d like to improve your home’s surrounding environment, Landscape FX is a Colorado Springs business that can take you from the dream stage to the reality of a new look for your home and a new chapter in your outdoor living.

Landscape FX is a certified distributor and installer of Belgard paver products, a company that carries a wide range of products for use in walkways, driveways, retaining walls and water features. Once you get your own “Roman roads” helping you reach and use your property to maximum advantage, Landscape FX can advise on fountains, outdoor kitchens, retaining walls and a myriad of other outdoor features that will showcase your home and increase it’s livability and value.


The days of railroad ties and concrete landscaping are in the past. Doctor FX suggests you look at the patterns and colors of the various Belgard materials and, with your Landscape FX specialist, choose one that works with your home and tastes. With names like Dublin Cobble, Holland Stone, Urbana Stone and more; you can see your home become transformed into a thing of beauty. Belgard pavers give you a unique look, superior strength, superior color retention, low maintenance and flexibility. If you decide to add to your walk, path, patio or driveway; you can move individual pavers, change designs and expand or contract easily and economically. Jackhammers, rebar and forms not required!

Installing beautiful walkways, paths, patios and driveways around your home is one of the first steps in enhancing your outdoor environment. Using the Old World look of Belgard materials, with their New World strength and longevity, gives you the best of both worlds.

Colorado Springs is a long way from Rome, but with the help of Landscape FX, you can live like Caesar in your own back yard!

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